Changes to Fall 2016 Exam Calendar Reading Day

Fall 2016 will see a new change to the exam calendar at the end of the semester. The reading day, which has typically occurred the week prior to exams beginning, will now fall on the 3rd day of the exam period. Exams will run from Monday, December 5 through Wednesday, December 14, with a reading day (no exams scheduled) on Wednesday, December 7.

A student survey in Spring 2014 concluded that a majority students would prefer to move the reading day to the Wednesday of the first week of exams. The Registration, Records, and Calendar Committee met in Fall of 2014 and unanimously decided to approve this change in the exam calendar.

The change will allow students a break to study and re-energize during the full week of exams.

The full academic calendar and Fall 2016 exam calendar are available on the Student Services Center website.