New Grading Options Available This Spring

UPDATE: MARCH 23, 2020

The Student Services Center has created Frequently Asked Questions pages for the new Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Basis Option, as well as for the Late Drop Option that will also be available for Spring 2020 students. These options will both open on April 6. More information be provided about how students can go about submitting an S/U grading basis change request or a Late Drop request for a Spring 2020 course.


MARCH 20, 2020 [RALEIGH, NC]

The following message was sent from Provost Warwick Arden to all NC State students on Friday, March 20, 2020:

NC State Students:

Classes are set to resume on Monday, March 23 in an online format. Our primary goal is ensuring students can successfully complete all courses. To facilitate your success and to mitigate stress, we will make the following options available to students through MyPack Portal beginning Monday, April 6:

An enhanced Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading option will be available to students that can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses. The College of Veterinary Medicine is developing a plan appropriate for their courses. We advise you to continue with your current grading basis until you have time to assess your comfort with the new online course delivery. Details of the new options will be highlighted on the Student Services Center website in the coming days, but will include the following:

  • The grading option can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • The S/U grade will not carry grade points and will not impact your GPA.
  • A grade of S will be assigned by the course instructor when the work is judged to be of C- quality or better.
  • A grade of S will fulfill degree requirements, C-wall requirements, and prerequisites for future courses.
  • A grade of U will not earn credit and will not affect a student’s GPA, though it will be used in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations.
  • Students will have the option of switching to this S/U grading basis until May 8th, which is after the semester has ended and most grades have been submitted. We suggest students consult with their adviser and/or instructor before making this change, as it cannot be reversed.

We know our students will continue to pursue academic excellence with the same rigor as before. We hope this enhanced S/U grading basis will reduce stress and anxiety and facilitate progress toward degree and graduation. 

On April 6, we will also release an online, late drop request for students who are unable to continue in a particular course. While this is not a preferred option, we realize circumstances might make it difficult to continue enrollment in a course. We will make this online request available to students through the last day of the semester, April 24. 

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as we make the transition to online course delivery. We will continue to keep you updated, and plan to share more information about this new grading option on the Student Services Center website in the days ahead. 

Warwick Arden

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

The Student Services Center will make available more information about the extended S/U grading basis in the coming days. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this new process.