2021 Adjustments to Tuition and Fees

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors recently approved adjustments to tuition and fees for all system-affiliated institutions. The current plan will raise full-time nonresident undergraduate tuition by an average of 1.2% for the 2021-22 academic year. Full-time on-campus graduate students from outside the state will also see an average of 3.9% tuition increase.

As part of the UNC System’s commitment to affordability, access, and student success for North Carolinians, the system-wide tuition freeze is in place for the fifth straight year. In-state undergraduate students on the fixed-rate plan will not see any tuition changes unless their eight semesters (or 10 semesters for 5-year programs) cohort expires.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted many higher education institutions, including NC State, requiring pivots to virtual learning environments. Many students and families addressed concerns with tuition and fees during this time related to virtual environments. The cost of attendance is for the educational experiences gained and not the instructional delivery method. Changes are coming to simplify the tuition and billing structure to address tuition and fee differences for on-campus and distance education students.

In fall 2021, on-campus and distance education students will be billed per credit hour at the same tuition and fee rates. Distance education students will continue only to pay the Education and Technology fee, the Association of Governments fee, the Campus Security fee, and the College of Engineering Program fee (if applicable). Credit hour charges will be capped at 12-credits for undergraduate students and 9-credits for graduate students per semester.

NC State is currently working through what these changes will mean for individual students and will share more information on impacts in the weeks ahead. Colleges and departments will be notified of these changes if it significantly impacts their student population. Students who are impacted by these changes will be notified through the cashier’s office, and changes will appear in their upcoming bills.

More information regarding these changes can be found on the Student Services Center website.

For questions regarding tuition and fee changes, please contact the Student Services Center at studentservices@ncsu.edu.