SRP Help

The information on this page will provide you with further details on how to access and utilize the Self-Registration Program. To visit any of the other SRP pages, follow the links below.

Unity ID

Each person affiliated with NC State University is assigned a Unity ID and password. Your Unity ID and password allow you access to NC State e-mail, computing labs, MyPack Portal, etc.

Your Unity ID was produced by the Office of Information Technology and mailed to you by the Department of Registration and Records. Your Unity ID is never longer than 8 characters and is automatically generated from your name in a two-step procedure:

  1. A string of letters is created using the initials of your first and middle names and the first six letters of your last name, all in lower case.
  2. If this string matches one previously created for someone else, the last letter will be replaced with or followed by a numeral.

If you have lost your SRP letter, you can find your Unity ID in WolfPAW. Log in to your WolfPAW account and view your “Application Status.”


Your initial (default) 8-digit password is:

  • the last four digits of your campus ID* number followed by
  • the four digits of your birth month and day
    • For example, if your campus ID number ends in 1234 and your birthday is January 31, then your initial password is 12340131.

If you have lost your SRP letter, you can find your Campus ID* number in WolfPAW. Log in to your WolfPAW account and view your “Application Status.”

You may have already changed your password.

Contact the OIT helpdesk at (919) 515-HELP if your password is not working.

Password Security

NC State requires all students to change their password one every year. Since your initial password is determined by formula, it is required that you change your password before you log into the MyPack Portal. This will help protect your academic and personal information.

You can change your password online. For more information on password security, please visit the Unity Password page.

Advising Hold

Generally, your Advising Hold has already been released for Enrollment. However, certain programs require the completion of all placement tests and surveys before enrollment can begin. This may include Foreign Language, Math, and/or Chemistry placement tests and college/department surveys. Advising Holds are normally released after consulting with your advisor. If for any reason you still have an Advising Hold, please contact your SRP Advisor.

Schedule of Courses

The schedule of courses for NC State is available online. The university course schedule is ready the week prior to advising, but is continuously updated by departments until the semester begins.

8-Semester Displays and Degree Audits

The curricula, or programs of study, are listed in two ways on our website: one is an 8 semester display that shows what courses you should take in each semester through your undergraduate career. The second is a degree audit, which gives you options for each requirement.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, which can be read in full-length online, outlines the requirements for students to make Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) and Progress Toward Degree (PTD).

Contact Information Update

Once logged into MyPack Portal, you can check your current contact information by clicking on the FOR STUDENT tab or Student Self-Service. Then you should look for the Personal Info area. Within this area, there are links to view/update addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

AP Credit and Placement

The Admissions website provides you with a chart of what Math, History, English credits you will receive from your AP Tests. Please use this chart and your AP Test Scores to determine what level of math, science, or English for which you need to register. For all other placement information, please consult the Admissions placement website.

Please see information from the English department regarding the Self-Assessment Test.

Also, see information fromthe Chemistry department regarding the Chemistry Placement Test, which is available now and must be completed by May 21.

You were recently sent an e-mail regarding math placement. Click here to review math placement details.