Enrollment Calendar

Fall 2021 Enrollment Access

Enrollment for the Fall 2021 term begins on Friday, March 19.

Enrollment start date and time: Students can log into MyPack Portal to see when they will be able to start enrolling for the next term, and to make sure that they have no “Holds,” which prevent enrollment. Students should arrange to meet with their advisor prior to their enrollment start date.

  • Log into MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Tasks & Holds tile > If there are holds on your account, you will be able to click the tile and view details
  • Log into MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Your enrollment availability will appear on the tile


Enrollment Access General Start Dates for Fall 2021

NOTE: This enrollment calendar is subject to periodic review and revision. Please check with the Student Services Center (919-515-6278) to determine if changes have been made.

Hours Passed
Start Date
Veterinary Medicine
Beginning March 19
5th year Professional Architecture
Beginning March 19
Graduate Students
Beginning March 22
92 – 121+
Assigned by total hours passed –
March 29 – March 30*
60 – 91
Assigned by total hours passed –
March 31 – April 2*
AGI 02
Assigned by total hours passed –
Beginning April 5*
30 – 59
Assigned by total hours passed –
April 5 – April 7*
0 – 29
Assigned by total hours passed –
Beginning April 8*
AGI 01
Assigned by total hours passed –
Beginning April 8*

*Check MyPack Portal for the exact date and time that you can begin enrolling.

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Late Registration Dates and Deadlines

Summer I 2021 Summer II 2021 Fall 2021
Enrollment (Registration) Begins Dec. 7 Dec. 7 March 19
Late Registration Begins April 22* June 1* July 21*
Tuition Due Date May 4** June 10** July 28**

*Students enrolling (registering) for the first time for the term on or after this date will be assessed a $100.00 Non-Refundable Late Enrollment (Registration) Fee. Non-Degree, Inter-Institutional, new undergraduate and new graduate students are excluded from the $100.00 fee.

**Tuition due date, if students enroll before this date.

NOTE: Students with past due debts or any “Holds” must be cleared by the University Cashier’s Office, 2005 Harris Hall, to access MyPack Portal.

Open Enrollment

Academic Career Summer 2021 Fall 2021
Veterinary Medicine December 7 March 22
Graduate December 7 March 23
Undergraduate December 7 June 1
Agricultural Institute December 7 June 1
Non-Degree Studies March 9 July 30