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Estimated Cost of Attendance

NC State is consistently recognized as one of the best values in higher education — and a worthwhile investment in the future.

The cost of attendance for an NC State student includes both direct and indirect costs:

  • Direct costs are billable charges and include expenses like tuition, fees, on-campus housing and university meal plans.
  • Indirect costs are non-billable expenses associated with attending the university and include off-campus rent, books, and transportation to campus.

Estimated NC State Expenses

Select the appropriate category below to view your cost-of-attendance information. 

Note: All costs are averages based on a survey of student spending in each category.

Calculate Your Estimated Costs

Use our Expenses, Costs and Refund calculator to estimate your out-of-pocket costs and determine whether you will receive a refund.

Additional Expenses

Buying a computer — The cost of purchasing a computer may be added to the cost of attendance once per academic career. Documentation of the purchase price is required. Additional information about the request process is available on the Computer Purchase Request Form.

Health insurance costs — Health insurance expenses are not included in the total cost of attendance. Students who purchase the University’s health insurance plan may contact their financial aid counselor to request the expense be included in their individual cost of attendance.

Other expenses may be included in the cost of attendance; Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid advisors evaluate these expenses on a case-by-case basis. Childcare for dependent children and unreimbursed expenses related to a disability are examples of permissible added expenses.  

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid may request documentation in order to evaluate individual circumstances.