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FormDescriptionRevision DateDepartment
Academic Advisement ReportFor students on Academic Warning for Advisor signature5/10R&R
Address and Phone Change (Update in MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Personal Information tile)Students can change their address or telephone number in MyPack Portal. Contact Registration and Records for assistance.6/10R&R
Advanced Placement (AP) Credit RequestRequest for contingent AP credit1/16R&R
Advanced Standing CertificateUsed only for Agricultural Institute students or for courses transferred from international institutions. ASC’s must be accompanied by the transcript. AGI ASC’s are sent to Registration & Records (Box 7313). ACS’s for credit from an international institution are sent to Undergraduate Admissions (Box 7103) and Registration and Records (Box 7313).1/21R&R
Audit Request (Undergraduate)May be used to add a course as Audit or change a course from Credit to Audit before the drop deadline; undergraduate students only10/2018R&R
Audit Request (Graduate)For graduate students to request to audit a class; graduate students onlyGrad School
Change of Degree Application (CODA)May be used by departments to initiate a change to their CODA (Internal Transfer) requirementsR&R
Cooperating Raleigh Colleges RegistrationRegistration form for CRC classesR&R
Course Agreement for Non-Standard CoursesFaculty and Student agreement for undergraduate enrollment in a Non-Standard course3/15R&R
Course Load WaiverOverride maximum semester registration course load5/05R&R
Course RepeatStudents wishing to repeat a course in excess of the maximum allowed attempts should obtain a Schedule Revision Form from the department offering the class and bring it to Registration and Records in 1000 Harris Hall for processing.R&R
Curriculum Change (See “Plan/Subplan”)Change curriculum within a college or change college & curriculumR&R
Declare MinorApplication for a minor to be added to students recordR&R
Declare a CertificateApplication for a certificate program5/16R&R
Extension of Incomplete GradeNecessary for an IN grade to be extended5/16R&R
FERPA – Parent or Guardian AccessProvides instructions for students who wish to grant parent/guardian access to educational records via MyPack PortalR&R
Grade ExclusionsLearn how to apply Grade Exclusions in MyPack PortalR&R
Inter-Institutional RegistrationRegistration form for Inter-Institutional classes12/21R&R
Late Registration Fee RefundRequest a refund for late registration fee2/15R&R
Name Change/Marital Status ChangeChange your legal name on your permanent records and/or your marital status05/22R&R
Personal Information ChangeUpdate/change your date of birth or gender01/23R&R
Plan/Subplan ChangeChange plan (curriculum) within a college (program)or change college & curriculum (program & plan)R&R
Privacy BlockProvides instructions for students who wish to adjust their privacy settings – including application of a full privacy block or full block with publication releaseR&R
Readmission InformationReapply to NC State UniversityR&R
Readmission to Additional DegreeAccompanies readmission application for those seeking an additional Undergraduate degree. To be completed by College/Department. R&R
Residency for UNC System Employees and Their FamiliesFull-time permanent UNC System employees and their families qualify as residents for tuition purposes even if they have not maintained legal residency for the required 12 consecutive months.07/23R&R
Schedule Revision FormUse to add, drop, or modify a class after the deadlines *NEW: Schedule Revision Requests are now processed in MyPack Portal via the Enrollment Wizard*10/21R&R
Supplemental Data FormUse when required in order to process a Schedule Revision Form7/15R&R
Second Major (See “Plan/Subplan”)Add a second majorR&R
Student Group Room Reservation RequestRequest a room for a registered student organizationR&R
Computer PurchaseComplete to include the purchase price of a computer for educational use in a student’s Cost of AttendanceOSFA
Conditions and ResponsibilitiesDetails about the conditions under which aid is offered and the student’s responsibilities as an aid recipientOSFA
Identity Confirmation and Educational Purpose Worksheet
Complete to confirm a student’s identity and statement of educational purposeOSFA
Parent Tax Return Non-Filer Form
Complete if the parents of a dependent student did not file federal income taxesOSFA
Student Tax Return Non-Filer Form
Complete if the student did not file federal income taxesOSFA
Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship FormFor students who believe they qualify for the Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship.OSFA
Study Abroad Budget and Contract/Consortium AgreementComplete if participating in a study abroad program that is not affiliate with NC State.OSFA
Study Abroad Course Component AgreementComplete if an abroad component is required to complete an NC State course.OSFA
Study Abroad Enrollment AgreementComplete if participating in a study abroad program affiliated with NC State whether the classes are provided by NC State faculty or a host institution.OSFA
Summer Conditions and ResponsibilitiesDetails about the conditions under which summer aid is offered and the student’s responsibilities as a summer aid recipient.OSFA
Financial Aid Update FormComplete if any the assumptions regarding your classification, housing status, residency or enrollment on which your financial aid offer was based are incorrect (see Important Messages tab on MyPack)OSFA
NC VA Scholarship NotificationComplete to report Veteran’s BenefitsOSFA
Verification of Class AttendanceVerification of class attendance form5/16OSFA
Affidavit and Indemnity BondRequest a replacement refund checkStudent Accounts
Application for University Fee AppealIn order for appeals to be considered, students must read the guidelines for a university fee appeal in their entirety and followed explicitly. To read all guidelines visit: Application for University Fee AppealStudent Accounts
Itemized StatementYou may print and/or view an itemized statement of your billing and payment summary by logging into the MyPack Portal. View your Student Homepage.  Select the Student Accounts tile. From the left-hand menu, select Print Term Statement. You will be able to select the type of statement you would like to print. Select the Prepare PDF button to access a PDF. You may print the PDF file or save and attach to an email.Student Accounts
Request for Refund of Credit BalanceRequest a refund of credit balance. Financial Aid refunds resulting from federal loans or grants are automatically refunded after the date of disbursement following federal guidelines. If an over-payment shows on a student’s account, and it isn’t created by financial aid, the student may request a refund after Census Date for the semester. If a request is not filed, the over-payment will be refunded during the monthly refund process. Before you proceed to the request for refund form, you must sign up for direct deposit to receive a refund for any credit balance. Review these instructions for signing up for direct deposit.Student Accounts