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Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions

Below is the Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions that all NC State students see upon first logging in to MyPack Portal:

MyPack Portal provides access to information, resources and tools that you will use throughout your academic career as an NC State University student. The decision whether to do business electronically with NC State University is yours.

By providing your voluntary consent, you are opting to conduct electronic transactions or agreements with the University that may occur at any time during your academic career, including actions related to admissions, financial aid, student accounts, including the 1098T statement, and registration. Some of these transactions and agreements may involve financial obligations.

When you agree to conduct business electronically with NC State University, you acknowledge that you have read and consent to the following:

  • You will conduct business electronically with the University using a computer with a supported operating system and internet browser, sufficient electronic storage capacity, a printer and your NC State University official email account.
  • You will only access MyPack Portal as yourself, using your personal Unity ID and password. Use of university accounts by anyone other than the account holder is strictly prohibited.
  • NC State University reserves the right to provide records in paper format at any time. However, NC State University is not required to provide you with records in paper format.
  • You may withdraw your consent to electronically conduct business at any time. However, if you withdraw consent, any transactions or agreements between you and NC State University during the period after your consent to do business electronically, and before your withdrawal of consent, will be valid and binding on all parties.

If you do not agree with any of the items in NC State University’s Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions you should exit MyPack Portal by closing the browser window. By exiting the system you are choosing to opt out of electronic transactions and you will not have access to use MyPack Portal to conduct business electronically with NC State University. To proceed with or obtain more information about conducting business offline, you must contact the Student Services Center.

In compliance with the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act, NC State University must provide enrolled students with certain information about the University such as campus safety, financial obligations, academic records, and more. This information, along with a copy of NC State University’s Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions, can be viewed on the University’s Student Consumer Information web page.