Need to reserve a room for a student group?

Student Group Event Requests

To reserve a university classroom, students groups need to be registered each year with the Student Involvement located in 4210 Talley Student Union.

To reserve space in an academic classroom, please fill out and submit the Room Reservation Request form.

Registration and Records only reserves university classrooms (designated as “110” spaces). The following room list provides our rooms and set-up features.

Useful tips for requesting a classroom reservation:

  • Use your Unity ID and password to log into the Astra system.
  • Use an address as a contact for your request.
  • To access the form from an off-campus network, you can use the Virtual Private Networking Service (VPN) provided by the Office of Information Technology
  • Reservations will be confirmed for the current semester only.
  • During the first full week of classes, Student Group requests can only be confirmed 24 hours before the event.