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Diploma Name

NC State University recognizes that members of its community often use names that are different from those appearing on legal documentation.

For some students, a chosen or preferred name is vital to the confirmation of their individual identity. Because of this, NC State University allows all students the option to select a “Diploma Name” in MyPack Portal to be printed on their official diploma or certificate received after graduation. This name will also be used in official university commencement materials, including the digital program.


Without a change request, the student name listed on a diploma or certificate will match the primary or legal name on file (first name, middle name, last name). Students desiring a preferred name or alternate version of their legal name to be printed on their diploma should use the Diploma Name field in MyPack Portal by all communicated deadlines.

Available diploma name options include:

  • Either first name or initial
  • Shortened or alternate form for the first name (ex. Mike instead of Michael)
  • Preferred first name (ex. a name that more closely matches a student’s gender identity or expression)
  • Exclusion of the legal first name when the middle name is used as a primary name
  • Exclusion or initial of middle name
  • Inclusion of former or maiden name
  • Inclusion of proper capitalization and accentuation of name
  • Inclusion of maternal surnames as culturally appropriate

Neither titles nor degrees previously earned will be included as part of a graduate’s name on a diploma.

All requested changes will be reviewed for input accuracy and to ensure appropriateness of the requested change. NC State University reserves the right to reject a Diploma Name that is used inappropriately or in an attempt to avoid legal obligation, misrepresent the individual, harass, threaten or are otherwise objectionable. In these cases, the student’s legal name will be printed.

If electing to use a preferred name on your diploma, this information should match the preferred name listed in MyPack Portal.

If you decide to change your diploma name back to your primary name after graduation, please note that you will be required to request and pay for a replacement diploma.  Primary name changes are only permitted in cases of legal name changes.

Adding a Diploma Name

Students should navigate to the ‘Personal Information’ tile in MyPack Portal.

  • Under ‘Personal Details,’ select the “+” symbol to add a new name category:
  • Check that “Diploma” is selected as the name type:
  • Once the appropriate name has been entered, hit ‘Save’ to close the page


Diploma apostille can only be provided when using your full legal name. View more information on this process here.

Note for Degree Verification

Third parties using the preferred name appearing on your diploma will not be able to verify your degree through the National Student Clearinghouse because of a name mismatch.

Note for International Students

NC State University considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document. Some countries may require your diploma (and official transcript) for various legal, immigration, and employment purposes. If you plan to live or work outside of the United States, we strongly recommend printing your primary name on your diploma to avoid discrepancies between the name on your diploma and other legal documents.

Note for Licensure or Professional Programs

Before choosing an alternate name for your diploma, please consider any professional licensing requirements that may require the use of a legal name. Failure to do so may result in rejection or delay of required documentation for employment, licensure, credentialing, and other processes which require verification of student records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide a diploma name?
No, students who elect to not provide a diploma name will have their primary (legal) name printed on their diploma or certificate.

Will my diploma name also appear in printed commencement materials?
Yes, a diploma name change request will be reflected in all official commencement materials, including the digital program.

Can I delete or change my diploma name after it has been entered?
Yes, if it’s before the posted deadline for diploma name changes. Pay close attention to communicated deadlines for both diploma name changes and commencement book updates. If the deadline has passed and your diploma has already been ordered by the university, you will need to submit a request and pay for a replacement diploma.

Can I order two copies of a diploma, each one with a different name?
No. Students who wish to have another version of their diploma ordered would need to submit a request and pay for a replacement diploma.