Undergraduate Term Withdrawal

The following information is for undergraduate, Agricultural Institute, and Non-Degree Studies students only. Information on term withdrawal for Graduate Students is available here.

Illness, family problems, or other personal circumstances sometimes require students to drop all of their courses and this constitutes an official withdrawal from the university. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact the Counseling Center.  

Consult with your advisor before initiating a withdrawal to discuss the academic implications of the intended withdrawal. A withdrawal may impact your academic eligibility, financial aid, and progress toward a degree. Athletes and international student withdrawals will be reviewed by appropriate offices prior to approval and additional information may be required.  

All withdrawals for a current or upcoming term are initiated through the self-service Term Withdrawal page in the MyPack Portal: Student Homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Term Withdraw menu item. Term withdrawal requests can be initiated through the MyPack Portal up to 30 days after the last day of the term. The withdrawal process in the MyPack portal will include information on refunds and financial aid and will provide contacts to University Housing and Dining. Undergraduate students who do not enroll for a Fall or Spring term are required to complete the readmission process before returning to classes.

For more details, the full Withdrawal policy is available online.