Retroactive Withdrawal

Withdrawing Classes from a Previous Term

A retroactive (previous semester) withdrawal removes you from all courses in a previous semester. University guidelines for the approval of a retroactive withdrawal require that the same conditions required for the “withdrawal after the drop/revision date” are met. 

What are the steps for requesting a retroactive withdrawal?

  1. Consult with your advisor to discuss the academic implications of the intended withdrawal and to plan for other avenues in the event that your withdrawal request is not approved.
  2. Requests from degree students to drop all courses for a previous semester (i.e., retroactive withdrawal) are still initiated through the Counseling Center until further notice by using forms available in the Center, or available for download from the Center’s website.

NOTE: An administrative fee of 5 percent of the total tuition and fee charges–not to exceed $100–will appear on your student account. This charge covers the cost of processing your withdrawal and is assessed by the university.