Personal Information and Privacy

You can use your NC State Unity account to access your personal, academic and financial information, and it's very important that you keep this information safe. Use the resources and information below to protect your privacy.

Directory Information Privacy Settings

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to restrict all or part of your directory information, which includes your preferred email, your campus/home address, and your preferred phone number. If you wish to restrict this information, you can do so in your MyPack Portal.

NOTE: Select a “full privacy” block to prevent us from sharing your information with anyone, including employers. A full privacy block also prevents your inclusion in graduation and Dean’s List publications.

Learn how to manage your privacy settings with our FERPA tutorial.

Granting Access

Your academic and financial records are always kept confidential, unless you give explicit permission for them to be released. If you need to grant access to these records to parents or guardians, check out our Parental Access tutorial.