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Course Catalog

The online Course Catalog lists every course that may be offered to you during your time at NC State. Search by course subject, keywords or General Education Program (GEP) to view the course description, credits satisfied, semesters offered, any possible restrictions and more.

Search the Course Catalog

For a comprehensive look at the most up-to-date course offerings for the current year, view the online Course Catalog.

Courses are arranged alphabetically by departmental abbreviation (prefix) and numerically by course number.

ALL Distance Education courses are identified with a 600 or 700 section number, and the class location should also indicate “Distance Education.” Distance Education course offerings, tuition and fee schedules, etc. are available on the Online and Distance Education website.

Catalog Publications

The official Undergraduate Catalog is published once each year. Please note that the published Undergraduate Catalog is a snapshot taken in June, and any changes made to course offerings will not be reflected in the catalog for the current academic year. For the most up-to-date course listing and descriptions, use the searchable catalog tool.

Basic Course Information

Course Level Numbering

Course levels are typically available based on a student’s current classification as follows:

  • First Year: 100-199
  • Sophomore: 200-299
  • Junior and Senior: 300-499
  • Masters*: 500-699
  • Doctoral: 700-899
  • College of Veterinary Medicine: 900-999

*Most Masters-level courses are available to advanced undergraduate students.

Graduate courses numbered at the 500 and 700 levels are letter graded (A+ … F), while 600 and 800 level courses are S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) graded. Graduate students may not take courses that are regularly letter graded for S/U grading.

Types of Courses

The Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curricula and Academic Standards has a full listing of the different types of courses offered at NC State.

Credit Hours

Each course has a designated amount of credit hours that will count toward your degree upon successful completion. Credit hours vary per course and section.

Some courses, such as Independent and Research courses, also have variable credit hours allotted to each course and should be confirmed with the instructor.

Course Information is Subject To Change

NC State University reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect changes in cost affected by the state legislature, current board policies, administrative procedures, and applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Courses may be changed or cancelled based on demand. Classroom assignments may also be changed based on reasonable accommodations. Please refer to the copy of your schedule in your MyPack Portal for the most accurate information:

MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Class Schedule

Undergraduate Catalog Archives

The Undergraduate Catalog is archived each year and may be useful if you wish to view past course offerings.

Catalogs older than 2008-2009 are archived on the Library’s website. (Some catalogs may not be available.)