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CODA Requirements: Poole College of Management

Requirements to transfer as a current NC State student to one of the programs in the Poole College of Management are listed below. This includes students who wish to change their major, as well as those who want to add a Poole College of Management major.

College CODA Requirements

Poole College of Management Requirements

Accounting, Business Administration, Economics

Minimum to apply and be considered:

Students must meet the listed Minimum Requirements in order to submit an online CODA application to transfer (see CODA Application). Courses in progress at the time of the application deadline will not be considered.

  • Completion of 21 or more credit hours completed at NC State
  • Cumulative NC State GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Completion of ENG 101 or ENG 1GEP (or equivalent AP or Transfer credit) with a grade of C- or better
  • Completion of Calculus – MA 121/131/141 (or equivalent AP or Transfer credit) with a grade of C- or better

Preference will be given to students who meet the following:

Candidates who meet the Preferred Qualifications outlined below have a higher probability of being approved for transfer.  All admission is competitive and based on academic record and space availability in the College.  Meeting the preferred qualifications does not guarantee admission.

  • For applicants with less than 30 earned credit hours: Cumulative NC State GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • For applicants with 30 earned credit hours or more: Cumulative NC State GPA of 3.0 or higher and a Poole College of Management GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Students who have 31 credit hours or more should plan to take a course or courses within the Poole College of Management to establish a Poole GPA, increase the competitiveness of their CODA application, and stay on track to degree completion.
    • The Poole GPA is the grade point average calculation of all Accounting (ACC), Business Management (BUS), Economics (EC), Management Innovation Entrepreneurship (MIE) and Management (M) classes completed. Students can use the GPA Calculator tool for assistance in calculating a GPA.
    • Please note that some Poole courses are restricted to Poole College of Management major and minor students. Please see the Poole College of Management’s Courses and Enrollment website for more information regarding courses scheduling and availability.

All CODA admissions decisions are made through NC State’s Department of Registration and Records. Students should apply for only one Poole College of Management major, as decisions are made as a college rather than by department. Applying to multiple majors within the Poole College of Management does not increase a student’s chances of admission.

If you have questions about transferring to programs within the Poole College of Management, please email the Office of Undergraduate Programs at