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Conducting Business Offline

Most of your administrative business to support your academic career is conducted electronically in MyPack. All NC State students must provide Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions during their initial login to MyPack starting Fall 2018.

If you choose to opt out of the Voluntary Consent for Electronic Transactions you will not have access to conduct business transactions in MyPack. It will be your responsibility to complete transactions in person at the appropriate locations.

The following transactions can be completed in-person at the Student Services Center located in Harris Hall:

Registration and Records Transactions

  • View registration holds
  • View enrollment window
  • Search for classes
  • Add/drop/withdraw from classes
  • View class schedule
  • View grades and class rank
  • View and order transcripts
  • View degree audit or graduate plan of work
  • View progress reports
  • View advisor
  • Complete a grade exclusion
  • Complete Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal
  • Complete Change of Degree Application (CODA)
  • Apply for graduation
  • Order duplicate diploma
  • Change address and phone number
  • Manage emergency contacts

Student Account Transactions

  • Make a payment
  • View or print a bill
  • View account summary & account balance history
  • View or print current and past 1098-T forms
  • View financial hold status
  • View tuition surcharge
  • Sign up for direct deposit
  • Complete statement of financial responsibility
  • Complete tuition what-if calc

Financial Aid and Scholarship Transactions

  • View important messages
  • View and submit required documents
  • View financial aid awards summary
  • Accept, decline, or reduce financial aid awards
  • View disbursement schedule
  • View disbursed aid
  • View shopping sheet (standardized federal award notice)
  • Access Pack ASSIST
  • Report external scholarship
  • View student loan summary
  • Complete Federal Student Aid authorization