Student Employment

Having a part-time job while attending classes can help students develop skills and gain valuable career experience, in addition to earning wages that can assist with education costs.

Select the following on- and off-campus employment opportunities to learn more:

Federal Work-Study

The federal work-study program offers students the opportunity to work part-time to help cover college expenses. FWS is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and meet certain eligibility requirements. Work-study wages are paid directly to the student as they are earned, not to the University Cashier’s Office; therefore, payment cannot be used as a means of deferring your bill to the University.

If you are awarded Federal Work-Study as part of your financial aid package, you may review job opportunities.  Students can only participate in one WORK-STUDY position at a time. Students can, however, hold other NON-work-study jobs at the same time. Please contact your financial aid counselor if you have questions about work-study or your financial aid package.

Once hired, students must sign their Voucher to Hire Form:

MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Financial Aid tile > Select Aid Year > Required Documents > Work Study Voucher

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select your Student Homepage
  3. Select the Financial Aid tile
  4. Select the Aid Year (this can be changed at any time within the Financial Aid tile by clicking the ‘Change’ button at the top of the Financial Aid screens)
  5. Select the Required Documents item from the left-hand navigation menu
  6. Select the ‘Work Study Voucher’

Be sure to click the signature box on the voucher form to electronically sign.

Federal Work-Study Employers

If you are an employer wanting to hire a work-study student, please visit our employer page.

Student Part-time Employment Opportunities

In addition to work-study opportunities, part-time jobs are available to students. The Career Development Center provides information about how to find student jobs.