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Eligibility Reconsideration

NC State University makes every effort to assist students by providing financial assistance to help meet the cost of education. We recognize that situations exist when tax year information reported on the financial aid application does not reflect current financial circumstances. If you have experienced a sudden and drastic change in financial circumstances, our staff can evaluate your situation to determine if an adjustment is possible.

Most Frequently Cited Situations That Justify Consideration

  • Loss of employment or change of employment status
  • Divorce/separation or death of a parent/spouse
  • Loss of untaxed income (i.e. child support)
  • Disability
  • Unusually high medical bills or disability-related expenses not covered by insurance
  • Loss of one-time income
  • Education expenses not adequately reflected in the cost of attendance (i.e. technology expenses, unusual transportation expenses)
  • Child care expenses

Note: Please note that the aid reconsideration process requires that we collect documentation to confirm the accuracy of the financial information initially reported on the financial aid application and the change in financial circumstances. While our staff will make every effort to assist you, please understand engaging in the aid reconsideration process in no way guarantees an adjustment in the financial aid offer. The aid reconsideration process generally takes 3-4 weeks. If you would like to discuss your circumstance with a member of our team, please contact us at .