Advisors for New Students





Phone (919-)


Life Sciences First Year

Life Sciences First Year – Incoming First-Year Students in Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Nutrition Science, Plant Biology and Zoology E. Kosal 2717 Bostian 515-5454

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

CALS Advising Team 111 Patterson 515-2614

College of Design

Student and Academic Services 225 Brooks 515-8306

College of Education

All Majors A. Beller 505 Poe 515-0597

College of Engineering

College of Engineering Academic Affairs 416 Lampe 515-3263
M.C. Robbins Academic Affairs 414B Lampe 515-3263

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Communication C. Zuckerman-Hyman 207 Winston 515-0947
English J. Swarts  243 Tompkins 515-4112
History E. Seiling 272 Withers 513-2234
Interdisciplinary Programs (Africana Studies, Arts Studies, International Studies, Science, Technology and Society, Self-Design, Women’s and Gender Studies) P. Sibley 1911 Building 515-7999
Leadership in the Public Sector L. Waters 218 Caldwell 513-4330
Philosophy and Religious Studies C. Driscoll 434-B Withers 513-7846
Political Science and Public Administration Political Science and Public Administration Advising
Psychology D. Kotter-Gruehn 639 Poe 513-4855
Social Work D. Fox 205 1911 Building 515-2492
Sociology and Anthropology S. Jares 334B 1911 Building 515-3116
World Languages and Cultures S. Navey-Davis 321 Withers 515-9288

Poole College of Management

Admissions Advising B. Yarboro 2150 Nelson 515-5565
Undergraduate Advising A. Agunbiade 2150 Nelson 515-5565
J. Bruchey 2150 Nelson 515-5565
A. Dodds 2150 Nelson 515-5565
J. Lawson


Nelson 515-5565
K. Martin 2150 Nelson 515-5565
J. McLamb 2150 Nelson 515-5565
J. McMican 2150 Nelson 515-5565
M. Wright 2150 Nelson 515-5565

College of Natural Resources

College of Natural Resources Y. Lee 2018-C Biltmore 515-5741
Environmental First Year K. Wall 3136 Jordan Hall
Environmental Sciences E. Champion 3136B Jordan Hall 513-2520
Environmental Technology A. Allen 2231 Jordan II 515-7581
Fisheries and Wildlife, Natural Resources L. Pacifici Turner House 515-3431
Forestry and Environmental Resources G. Blank 5229 Jordan II 515-7566
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management J. Moretz 4004B Biltmore 513-1596 
Paper Science and Engineering M.V. Byrd 2205 Biltmore 515-5771
Professional Golf Management R. Wade 4023-A Biltmore 515-4515
Sport Management J. Moretz 4004B Biltmore 513-1596 
Sustainable Materials & Technology (previously Wood Products) P. Peralta 1022-E Biltmore 515-5731

College of Sciences

Biological Sciences (B.A. and B.S.)

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, Human Biology, Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

D. Thomas 2707 Bostian 515-5730
Chemistry J. Feducia 108-B Dabney 515-2296
Genetics B. Gardner 2532 Thomas 515-5776
Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences M. Puryear 1140 Jordan 513-1093
Mathematics A. Duca 2108 SAS 515-1875
Mathematics (first-year) E.W. Alexieff 217 Bureau of Mines 513-2848
Microbiology J.W. Olson 4544-B Thomas 515-7860
Physics D. Dougherty 101 Riddick 513-2610
Physics (first-year) E.W. Alexieff 217 Bureau of Mines 513-2848
Statistics S. Muse 5276 SAS 515-1948
Zoology J.L. Campell 120 David Clark Labs 515-7570
Zoology – Transfer Students D. Thomas 2707 Bostian 515-5730

Wilson College of Textiles

Students with last names A-L H. Carter 2417 Textiles Complex 513-3196
Students with last names M-Z A. Jennings 2413 Textiles Complex 515-8691

University College

Exploratory Studies K. Cole 206 Holmes Hall 513-3539
Theatre M. Self 207 Frank Thompson Hall 515-3147
Music D. Monek 202 Price Music Center 515-1692

Agricultural Institute

All students Advisor assignments will be made at New Student Orientation. If you have questions, please contact the Agricultural Institute Office at 515-3248 or