COVID-19 Information

We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about how your upcoming semester will be impacted, and we want to do everything we can to help.

If you are currently experiencing challenges due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we encourage you to visit the Pack Essentials website. We also have CARES Act Emergency Grant Funding available to qualified students, which provides resources to support students’ basic needs, including food, housing, financial, and educational security.

CARES Act Emergency Grant Funds Available

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) that provides emergency funding to students impacted by the campus disruption due to COVID-19.

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Fall 2021 Information

See important information from the university about the fall 2021 semester

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We’re still here to help you in any way that we can.

For the health and well-being of our staff, students, and visitors, we are complying with university directive to limit our in-person office capacity. Please see these frequently asked questions below about our office operations and important things to know about how we’re continuing to help you during these unprecedented circumstances.

  • Is the Student Services Center open?
    Yes! While the Student Services Center is now open with limited capacity for in-person visits, you can still contact us by phone at 919-515-NCSU (6278) or email at Visit our Contact Us page for more information.
  • What are your hours of operations?
    We are still answering calls and responding to emails during our normal hours: Mondays – Fridays, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. It may just take us a little longer to get back to you, and we appreciate your patience during this time! 
  • I have documents to provide to the Student Services Center. How can I do so?
    Documents or forms can be sent to us via email at; please do not email documents that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. We also have a secure Document Drop Box located outside of our office doors in Harris Hall.
  • Can I still order a transcript or diploma?
    Yes! Information about ordering transcripts and diplomas is available on our website. We are not currently accepting orders for transcripts via fax or sending transcripts via fax.
  • Can I still receive an enrollment verification?
    Yes! Email us at for assistance.
  • Where can I view the Fall 2021 academic calendar?
    The academic calendar is available at
  • What resources do I have if I have questions about registration or advising for the semester?
    Your first point of contact should be your academic advisor or the Coordinator of Advising for your program or college. The list of Coordinators of Advising is available on our website.
  • What resources are available for me to help me with an online learning format?
    Various offices and units around campus have developed resources to assist students with the transition to remote learning. You can visit the Keep Learning website for helpful tools and strategies for being a remote learner, as well as a list of other technology and instructional resources.
  • Will I owe any of my financial aid back if I withdraw due to the current circumstances?
    Withdrawing from a term in which aid was received may result in the required repayment of unearned aid. The amount of aid to be repaid depends upon the withdrawal date. Typically, if at least 60 percent of the term is completed prior to withdrawal, no immediate aid repayment is required.
  • Do I still have to repay my student loans that I used during this semester since I withdrew and didn’t finish?
    Yes. You must repay your student loan under the original terms of the promissory note, even if you do not finish the semester.
  • I am a student with a Federal Work Study position on campus. What do I do during this situation?
    If your employer is able to establish remote working options for you, you may continue to work on the schedule agreed upon with your employer. If your employer is unable to establish remote working options for you, you are eligible for paid administrative leave until March 31, 2020. Arrangements after this date have not yet been determined.
  • Will I receive a refund from housing and/or dining?
    Any decisions about refunds for housing and dining will be made by the UNC System after the immediate needs of safety and security are addressed.
  • Will I receive a refund for my tuition and fees?
    Because classes will continue to be delivered, there will be no refund offered for tuition and fees at this time.
  • Will my GI Bill or VA Education Benefits be affected by classes being transitioned to distance education?
    VA Education Benefits will not be affected by the transition to distance education classes due to COVID-19. Students receiving VA Education Benefits can contact the Veterans Education Benefits team at for additional help or clarification.
  • Are bills still going to be posted and due as scheduled during this period of uncertainty?
    We will still be sending bills with the scheduled due dates. However, if you have extenuating circumstances and need a little longer to make a payment, please contact us and we will do what we can to work with you.