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Forecast Your Academic Performance

The Forecaster is a tool in MyPack Portal for students to evaluate your potential academic performance for the current enrolled term and how your GPA, academic status and financial aid eligibility may be affected by the predicted outcome. Students can use the Forecaster to determine which grade(s) will be required to maintain a good academic and/or financial aid eligibility.

Navigate to the Forecaster

To access the Forecaster:

Student Homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Forecaster menu item

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select the Student Homepage
  3. Select your ‘Planning & Enrollment’ tile
  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Forecaster’

Forecast for the Current Term

The Forecaster pulls information ONLY for classes in which you are enrolled for the CURRENT term. For example, if you are enrolled in the current Spring term and then register for the upcoming Fall term, the Forecaster will only show the classes enrolled for Spring. Similarly, if you are not enrolled in a current Summer I term but are enrolled in the upcoming Fall term, the Forecaster will not have any classes shown.

The Forecaster also only shows the classes in which you are successfully enrolled, and does NOT include classes for which you are on a waitlist.

Current Information

The Current Information section at the top of the screen shows the following information:

Academic Level: Your current classification, i.e. Freshman, Graduate, etc.

Cumulative GPA: Current cumulative GPA, with Grade Exclusions and other considerations applied

Financial Aid GPA: Grade Exclusions cannot be considered in evaluating your GPA for financial aid eligibility. If you have applied a Grade Exclusion, the GPA for financial aid eligibility may be different than the cumulative GPA.

Academic Standing Status: Visible for all academic careers. Shows whether you are currently in Good Standing or on Academic Warning/Probation, or are Suspended.

Academic Progress Status: Visible only for degree-seeking Undergraduate/AGI students. Shows whether you are currently making Good Academic Progress or are on Progress Deficiency.

Financial Aid Progress Status: Visible for all careers. Shows whether you are currently meeting the minimum standards for financial aid eligibility.

Run a Forecast

Use the drop-down menu options under the ‘Grade’ column to select the forecasted grade for each class, OR use the toggle button under the ‘Drop’ column to indicate whether you plan to drop the selected class.

Select the ‘Forecast’ button under the table to run the forecast.

Note: When using the ‘Drop’ option, the current point in the semester will affect the forecast.

Forecasted Information

The Forecasted Information section will appear underneath the Forecast button, and will update to show what your Academic Level, Term/Cumulative/Financial Aid GPA, Academic Standing, Academic Progress, and Financial Aid Progress will be if you receive the forecasted grades at the end of the term.


This is only an approximation of future Academic and Financial Aid eligibility. This does not guarantee future eligibility. Current official Academic and Financial Aid eligibility is available on the Advising Dashboard. Please refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress pages for more information.