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Perform a Degree Audit

Your Degree Audit shows how the courses you’ve completed—as well as those you plan to take—fulfill your major requirements. Use the audit to track your progress, plan for future semesters and view a summary of your credit hours and GPA.

Degree Audit

To access the Degree Audit:

MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Planning & Enrollment tile > Degree Audit

  1. Log into MyPack Portal using your Unity ID and password
  2. View your Student Homepage
  3. Select the ‘Planning & Enrollment’ tile
  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, select ‘Degree Audit’

You will see a collapsed list of your declared majors and/or minors. Select which ones to expand and view. You can select the checkbox at the top of the screen to Include Planned Courses in your degree audit.

You will see your full list of graduation requirements for the program, along with the following corresponding icons that indicate your completion status:

CompleteThis icon will appear if you have successfully completed the requirement.
EnrolledThis icon will appear if you are currently enrolled in a course that meets this requirement.
Incomplete/LateThis icon will appear if you have not yet successfully completed this requirement, or your grade for the course has not yet been posted.
PlannedThis icon will appear if a course that meets this requirement has been added to your Pack Planner.
UnmetThis icon will appear if you have not yet completed or planned this requirement.

Features of the Degree Audit

Program Information

At the top of the screen, you will see the following information:

  • Program: College enrolled in
  • Plan: Major or Minor
  • Sub-Plan: Concentration or focus area, if applicable
  • Requisite Term
  • Advisor: Advisor for this particular program
  • Total Units: The Total Units tool shows a detailed breakdown of your hours completed or left to complete at NC State
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Major GPA
  • Applied for Graduation status

Other Features

  • Requirement Details: Some of your requirements may have “Rqmnt Details” (Requirement Details) listed to the right. Select this link to view a list of courses that can satisfy a requirement.
  • Minimum Hours Required: This indicates the total hours required for a specific major. Your Degree Audit will also show you how many credits you have remaining to complete your degree. Depending on your major and course selection, the hours required to complete your degree may be more than the minimum.

Performing a “What If?” Report

The “What If?” feature of the degree audit shows how your course credits would apply to another major or minor plan.

To run a “What-If?” report, select the “Create What-If? Report” button in the top right corner of the Degree Audit.

Choose a desired Major or Minor from the dropdown menu. Select whether to Save as Intended Major/Minor, and click ‘Create Report.’ NOTE: Saving as Intended Major/Minor does NOT guarantee transfer into this program, nor does it complete a Change of Degree Application (CODA).

Once the What-If? has been completed, you will be able to see how your completed, enrolled and planned courses will apply to this program. If a course requirement has not been met, you can choose ‘Add to Planner’ next to that requirement to add the course to your Pack Planner.