Drop a Major or Minor

Students may drop one of multiple majors through  a “Self-Service” program drop in their MyPack Portal.  Students who want to drop a minor may also use this option in MyPack.  Approval to drop a major or minor is not required.

Students should always consult with their academic advisor before dropping a major or minor program.  In addition, students who are receiving financial aid should consult with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before dropping a program to insure the drop will not affect their aid package.  The system will remind students about consulting with financial aid.  Students who have applied to graduate may not be able to continue the Drop process while their graduation application is active.

Students can initiate a drop of major or minor by following these steps:

  1. Log into your MyPack Portal
  2. Navigate to your Student Homepage
  3. Select the ‘Planning & Enrollment’ tile
  4. Select ‘CODA’ from the left-hand navigation menu
  5. Select ‘Drop a Major/Minor’
  6. Follow the prompts to complete a Program Drop