Map Your Path to Graduation Pack Planner Tool

NC State’s Pack Planner tool allows you and your advisor to craft a plan for the classes you wish to take in the semesters leading up to your graduation. The planner can help you smooth your course load and browse availability for specific classes.

To access your Pack Planner:

Log into MyPack Portal > Main Menu > Student Center > Academics > Plan

Important Reminders

  • Storing classes in your Pack Planner does not guarantee your enrollment in those courses, or that the classes will be offered during the planned term.
  • Your advisor also has access to your Pack Planner. Work together to create the best strategy for an on-time graduation.

Loading Courses into the Pack Planner

If you have declared multiple majors and/or minors, first select which one you want to view.

There are two ways to load courses into your Pack Planner:

  • Load Suggested Plan – The planner generates a semester-by-semester recommended course list. You can save the newly generated plan or choose to keep a previous plan.
  • Browse the Course Catalog – The planner allows you to search for specific courses that you know you want to take in the future.