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Auditing a Course

Auditing allows a student to take a course without earning a grade or credit hours.

The following tuition and fee guidelines apply:

  • Undergraduate Degree students – The fee to audit a course is the same as if the courses were taken for credit.
  • Graduate Degree students (including Graduate Certificate Programs)  – One on-campus audit course is available at no charge when graduate students are registering during the fall or spring semester and are paying for other on-campus coursework. Any additional audited courses will have the same rates as credit courses. The following rules/exceptions apply:
    • Distance Education courses do not qualify as “other on-campus course work” and are not eligible for the free audit.
    • Courses changed to Audit after the 10th day of a fall or spring semester are not eligible for the free audit. New audit courses added after the 10th day are not eligible for the free audit.
    • There are no free audits in the summer sessions.