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Tuition Rates Reference Guide

On-Campus Students

  • NC State University uses a per credit hour schedule for fall and spring semesters to determine tuition rates.
  • Summer session courses are billed per credit hour.
  • A student’s tuition and fee rate is based on their classification (graduate, undergraduate), residency status (in state, out of state) and major (ex: COE, MBA, CVM) as it is listed with Registration and Records.
  • Current semester rates are available on the Tuition and Fees page.

Distance Education (DE) Students

  • All DE courses are identified with a “600” section number. (Not all “web-based” or “Internet” classes are considered DE courses.)
  • The tuition and fee charges for DE courses are based on the student’s academic program and course registration.
  • See the Online and Distance Education page to determine how DE tuition and fees are calculated for your program. Certain DE courses offer or require labs that are not included in the distance education rates. Labs that do not have a 600 section number will be charged on-campus rates.

Course Swap

  • Students may swap “like” courses at no additional costs.
  • After the Census Date, if a student is changing sections (on-campus for on-campus or DE for DE), dropping one class and adding a class of equal hours (on-campus for on-campus or DE for DE), all transactions must be completed on the same date.
  • Non-degree studies (NDS) and DE students may not drop an on-campus section and add a DE course (or vise-versa) for no change in costs. On-campus and DE courses are charged separately and are not interchangeable for these students.

Reduction in Hours (Dropping Courses)

  • Census Date is the last day to reduce hours for a tuition adjustment. This is also the last day for graduate students to change a course to Audit for possible tuition adjustment.
  • Courses dropped after the Census Date are not eligible for a refund or credit. (This is an earlier date than the last day to drop a course without a grade.)

Withdrawal (Dropping all Courses)

  • Students who drop all courses on or after the first day of classes must complete an Official Withdrawal from the University. Graduate and undergraduate degree students withdraw from the university through the Counseling Center at (919) 515-2423. Non-degree student should contact Registration and Records at (919) 515-2572.
  • Refunds for withdrawals are based on a pro-rated schedule, beginning the first day of classes. No refunds are given after 50% of the enrollment period for that semester has passed. Review refund schedules at Refunds for Withdrawals.

International Students

  • International students are subject to greater schedule restrictions than U.S. Citizens. Please be sure to verify eligibility for reduction of hours, internships, withdrawals, etc. with the Office of International Studies before making these types of schedule changes. Some changes require written OIS approval.