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Health Insurance Requirement

Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 Enrollment/Waiver period begins November 1, 2023. Students who do not go online to waive out, or submit verifiable health insurance information will be enrolled automatically in Student Blue, the University sponsored plan, and will be billed $1,392.40 each semester.

In general, undergraduates enrolled in 6+ credit hours and graduate students in 1+ credit hours who are in a degree-seeking or certificate program are required to either purchase the University-sponsored plan or provide evidence of an existing creditable health insurance policy. Graduate Research and Teaching Assistants, as well as Fellows, are covered under the Graduate Student Support Plan. You must be registered for courses in order to waive or enroll.

Students enrolled in Distance Education courses only are not eligible for health insurance and therefore are not required to submit a waiver.

COOP are not required to have the insurance, but they can elect to take it by sending an email to

Students who are already covered by an insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans, employer-sponsored plans, or student health insurance), and wish to waive out, must submit their insurance policy number for verification through the Student Blue Website. The charge is removed from the student’s bill once their policy is verified. Students who do not waive out are automatically billed each semester and will be enrolled in the University sponsored plan after the waiver deadline. The deadline for waiving out of the insurance for the Spring 2024 semester is January 31, 2024. If your insurance is not waived by the semester billing due date you must pay the charge.  You will be reimbursed when the charge is waived.

Students wishing to purchase the University sponsored plan, should go to the online enrollment form and set up their Insurance Account with Student Blue. You will be billed automatically on your Student Account.

More information on the benefits and waiver process is available on the NCSU Student Health Web site at

You can find FAQs, definitions of terms, a benefits summary, claim forms and instructions, and other important information at the Student Blue website at the Student Blue Information Page.

Questions about the new health insurance plan or requirements should be directed to the University Student Health Services at 919-515-2563.