Process for Filing an Appeal


Students with Health or Disability Issues Counseling Center / Student Health Services, Cates Avenue
Withdrawal from the University Resulting from Extenuating Circumstances Counseling Center / Student Health Services,
Cates AvenueNon-Degree (NDS) students contact: Registration and Records, 1000 Harris Hall
Reduced Course Loads and Course Drops after the Last day to drop/change for Tuition Credit due to extenuating medical circumstances. NOTE: Approval of a Reduced Course Load or Late Course drop by your Department as a result of Extenuating Circumstances does NOT automatically grant a credit/refund. For all non-medical extenuating circumstances you must file a Fee Appeal Application and provide documentation to the appropriate department to request a refund. Degree students contact: Counseling Center /
Student Health Services, Cates Avenue
Non-Degree (NDS) students contact: Registration and
, 1000 Harris Hall
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Tuition and fee charges University Cashier’s Office
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Tuition Surcharge Registration and Records
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All financial appeals not listed. University Cashier’s Office
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NOTE: The Cashier’s Office will act as a clearinghouse for miscellaneous fiscal issues. The matter may be addressed by the Cashier’s Office or they may be referred to the appropriate office or department.

Filing an Appeal

Time Limit:
Any Tuition and/or Fee appeal must be filed before the last day of exams for the semester in which the charge was assessed.

Permission to access records:
The act of filing an appeal is construed as authorizing all Committee members to have full access to all records, including academic, civil and medical records that may have a bearing on deliberations.

Burden of proof:
The burden of proof shall be upon the student to prove his or her case by a preponderance of evidence in the written appeal.

  • Appeals must be accompanied by all evidence and supporting documents that will be considered at the Appeals Committee meeting, including a written statement from the responsible department as described above.

  • Medical/Psychological/Hardship based fee appeals should be processed through the University Counseling Center and must include an official medical certificate, complete with dates of illness, date examined by a physician, nature of illness and expected date of convalescence, if appropriate. Medical information should not be forwarded to the University Cashier’s Office.
  • Bereavement based student fiscal appeals must include a death certificate, obituary or documentation from the funeral home.
  • Appeals based on unexpected employment changes must include verification from the immediate supervisor or Human Resources and printed on company
    letterhead and include contact information for the individual providing the information. You should also submit documentation from the professor as to
    the last date of participation in the course(s).
  • University/Department error: The Department Head, Assistant Dean, or Dean must submit to Registration and Records a memorandum on department
    letterhead requesting a tuition adjustment with the reason for the request.

  • Departments may not request tuition adjustments for any reasons that are listed as not subject to appeal.
  • Registration will review these requests, but may forward it to the Fee Appeal Committee if additional information is required.

Accompanying documentation must be an official, original document and include a contact phone number. YOUR APPEAL WILL NOT BE ADDRESSED UNTIL RECEIPT OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION.

Appeals for which documentation has not been received within thirty (30) days of submission will be considered void and if the student wishes to pursue an appeal, they will be required to resubmit the appeal request form with all relevant documentation. Incomplete forms and/or forms submitted without documentation of circumstances will not be reviewed by the Committee. Any voided appeals must be resubmitted within the time limit established above.

Notification of decision:
The student and the relevant University offices and departments will be informed in writing of the Appeal Committee’s decision within five (5) business days.

Student Fee Appeals Committee Meetings
The Committee will convene at least twice each Fall and Spring semester unless no applications for appeal have been filed since the previous meeting. Additional meetings may be added on an ad hoc basis as determined by the chair. To assure proper action, students are urged to initiate the appeals process immediately after the discussion with the appropriate office has occurred. Appeals submitted during summer sessions will be addressed as soon as reasonable on an ad hoc basis.

NOTE: By accessing this link to the University Refund Application, filling out and submitting the form, I certify that I have read the guidelines for filing a student fiscal appeal, that the information I have provided in this appeal is true and accurate, and that I hereby authorize the University Fee Appeals Committee to seek additional verification or information as needed.