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Fall Late Registration Billing and Payment Policy

Fall 2024 Important Dates, Deadlines, Billing, Payment and Late Registration Information

Students registering on or before July 5, 2024, will have a billing statement posted on their Student Account and charges are due on July 24, 2024. Payment of billed charges must be received by the due date or your schedule is subject to cancellation. 

Late Registration begins on July 17, 2024. Students who register for the first time this term during the Late Registration period may be subject to a $100 Late Registration fee and will not receive a billing statement prior to the payment due date. However, charges are posted to your student account as you register and are viewable on your account Summary via MyPACK Portal. Find out more information about Late Registration fees.

The schedule below will apply to all students registering during the Fall 2024 Late Registration period:

  • Register on or before July 23 – payment is due by midnight on July 24, 2024
  • Register July 24 through August 7 – payment is due by midnight on August 14, 2024

Students wishing to register on or after August 8 will be required to pay in advance or have posted Financial Aid, an Authorized Third Party Sponsor, or a current Monthly Payment Plan. Please email to have your registration hold removed.

You must pay your account balance, have posted financial aid, an approved sponsorship, or be enrolled in an authorized payment plan by the due date associated with your registration period or your schedule is subject to cancellation. Students who have been cancelled for non-payment will be required to pre-pay all charges plus a $100 Late Registration Fee before being allowed to re-register.

Note that returning degree students who register during the late registration period are subject to a $100 Late Registration fee. Any student who registers after census (August 30, 2024) will be charged a $250.00 late registration fee.

If you have applied for the insurance waiver, but the credit has not applied to your account, you will need to pay the cost of the insurance. The insurance cost will then be refunded after the credit is received from the Student Blue.

To view your current Student Account information and make payment, select the “Student Accounts” tile from the Student Homepage.  From the left-hand menu, select “Billing Statements” to view your billing statements.  You will see your balance in the “What I Owe” section.  Your approved Financial Aid will also be reflected.  Select “Make a Payment” to pay with a no-fee draft from your checking or savings account. You may also use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Diners Club. There is a 2.85% fee for all credit /debit card transactions.

Payments are not accepted in the Cashier’s Office at Harris Hall.  Please make your payment through the MyPack Portal.

Please mail to:
NC State University
University Cashier’s Office
2005 Harris Hall
Campus Box 7213
Raleigh, NC 27695-7213

Please be sure the student’s nine digit ID number is printed on the check and that you allow sufficient time for mailing and processing the payment.

Payment must be received by the due date or your schedule is subject to cancellation.

Students whose aid award does not appear on the Account Summary page should contact their Financial Aid counselor. Aid appears on the student account under “Estimated Aid” only after it has been accepted in MyPack Portal.

Any amounts not covered by the aid award must be paid directly to your Student Account by the due date. Financial Aid will not pay any prior term charges.

Do not mail Scholarship checks to the above address. These payments must be sent to:

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Campus Box 7302
Raleigh NC 27695-7302

The Monthly Payment Plan option is available until September 11, 2024. The semester plan is available only for Fall 2024 charges, you may not include prior terms charges in your total. Prior term and past due charges must be paid directly to your Student Account by the due date.

Please see for more information.

If you are VA Benefits-Eligible, you can gain access to the payment plan through the MyPack Portal. On the Student Accounts tile, select View/Sign up for Payment Plan, then click the Sign Up/View button.  GI Bill Monthly Payment Plan

If you have an authorized, off campus, Third Party Sponsor (Ex: Voc Rehab, Military, IBM) they must submit authorization prior to the billing due date.

Third-party Student Sponsorship Information

NOTE: Employee reimbursements are not considered a sponsorship. Payment is due by the deadline

Students with on campus sponsorships (ex: Graduate Support Plan, Department) must have their Advisor/Graduate Secretary complete the proper authorization before the billing due date. Departments sponsoring students on GSSP will notify the Cashier’s Office.

GSSP pays tuition only so you will need to pay the fees and any other charges posted on your account before the billing due date. Departments paying student charges not included in GSSP must submit a separate payment form. If you have questions or concerns about GSSP or department payments, you must contact your department.

Please contact your ROTC office if the award does not appear on your account. The ROTC office is responsible for notifying the Cashier’s Office.

International students who have been recently been admitted to a degree program, are attending NC State for the first time this semester, and registering before August 8, 2024 are exempt from these deadlines. The due date for first semester international students is August 22, 2024. The Office of International Studies will notify the Cashier’s Office of the students eligible for this exception.

New international students registering on or after August 8, 2024 will be required to pay in advance or provide proof of sponsorship. Failure to pay your student bill will result in late fees and will prevent further registration. This exception applies only to the first semester you are attending. You will be required to make payment for all future semesters by that term’s posted due date.

NDS students are not subject to a late registration (enrollment) fee. Students must first pre-pay for their anticipated charges prior to enrollment. After completing the prepayment transaction, please e-mail to have your hold released. The e-mail should state how many credit hours and the type of hours (distance education or on campus) they seek to enroll in.