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Delinquent Accounts

All charges are payable by the due date shown on the billing statement. Accounts that remain unpaid are considered delinquent and, in accordance with the requirements of General Statute 147-86.23, interest will be assessed on any unpaid balance. The current 8 percent annual interest rate is established by the State of North Carolina.

Calculation of Penalty and Interest

Charges are considered delinquent 90 days after the due date. Interest is assessed on the unpaid balance when a charge becomes delinquent and is calculated at the rate of 8 percent per year until paid. A one-time 10 percent penalty will also be charged. Late-payment penalty and interest charges are considered payable when charged.

Additional Information

In addition to incurring interest on an unpaid balance, students may also incur a hold on their account, may not be allowed to register, and their schedule may be cancelled. If the account remains unpaid, the University will submit the account for collection in accordance with state guidelines. Pursuant to the Set Off Debt Collection Act (SODCA) (General Statute 105A) the North Carolina Department of Revenue may forward your state income tax return to NCSU for debt collection.

Special Circumstances

GI Bill Recipients – With proper documentation, the university will not charge interest for students attending under the GI Bill until after the last day of exams for the current semester. For complete information on paying under the GI Bill, please see the Veterans Education Payment Deferment Plan