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Third-party Student Sponsorships

Some NC State University students may be sponsored by a third party who commits to paying the students' tuition and/or other fees. Third-party sponsors maybe on on-campus or off-campus.

Sponsorship Categories

Whether you are a sponsor or a sponsorship recipient, select the applicable category below to review your billing guidelines: 

Billing Guidelines for Off-campus Sponsors

Off-campus sponsors must submit a billing authorization to the University Cashier’s Office on letterhead or standard voucher authorizing payment to NC State University. This billing authorization may be on a semester-by-semester basis or for several semesters at once. Authorization must be received before the due date of each semester to prevent cancellation of course registration.

Authorizations must include the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • Nine-digit Student ID number (SID)
  • Items to be paid by the sponsor (i.e., tuition, fees, housing, dining charges)
  • Semester(s) authorized for payment
  • Contact name, phone number, email, and physical address

Note the following updates for Sponsors:

  • GI Bill students must be certified by the Veteran Education Office in Registration and Records prior to the start of the term. Students must either have a completed and approved GI Bill Payment Plan through TMS, approved and accepted Financial Aid or make payment in full by the due date to prevent cancellation.

Please send the billing authorization to:
University Cashier’s Office
Sponsor Billing
2005 Harris Hall; Box 7213
Raleigh, NC 27695
(Fax: 919-515-1164)

Billing Guidelines for Off-Campus Sponsorship Recipients

Students sponsored by an off-campus sponsor adhere to the following guidelines to pay their bills:

  • The off-campus sponsor sends billing authorization to the University Cashier’s Office.
  • Upon receipt of authorization, the specific charges will be paid by the department.
  • Accounting Services bills the sponsor for the items they have agreed to pay.
  • The student is responsible for any items on the bill not covered by his or her sponsor.
  • Sponsors are expected to remit payment within 30 days of the billing date on the invoice. If the sponsor fails to pay the agreed amount within 60 days of the billing date, the charges will be reapplied to the student’s account, and he or she is responsible for payment.

Note: If your bill payment is dependent upon course(s) completion or receiving a grade, this is considered a reimbursement program and your educational expenses must be paid by due date. These arrangements are not considered a sponsorship.

Billing Guidelines for On-campus Sponsorships

Students sponsored by one or more campus-based programs and their sponsors adhere to the following bill-paying guidelines:

  • The department(s) sponsoring the student via the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) should complete the required information on the Graduate Support Roster in MyPack Portal according to Roster instructions provided by the Graduate School.
  • GSSP pays tuition only; the student is responsible for paying fees and any other charges posted on his or her account before the billing due date. Students can enroll in Payroll deduction for payment of fees if the student is receiving an assistantship. Sign up is on the Student Accounts tile in the MyPack Portal on the Graduate Support Plan page. Students receiving a Fellowship are not eligible for payroll deduction for fees. Departments paying student charges directly must submit an online GA1 before the billing due date of the semester.

GA1 Form Instructions

Departments must notify the University Cashier’s Office (UCO) of all students and charges to be paid by the department by completing the online Sponsored Student Authorization (GA1). Once submitted and authorization has been assigned to the UCO, charges will be removed from the student’s account.

If a student’s account payment is not received within 90 days after the billing due date, the account becomes subject to interest charges per NC General Statute 147-86.23.

Step 1: Initiate a Student Access Request (SAR).

Departments should initiate a SAR for each person that will be entering GA1s:

  • Select Student Information — SIS.
  • Campus Role — SIS Sponsor Coordinator

Step 2: Complete an online GA1 form.

Departments can access the GA1 by following these steps:

  • Navigate to MyPack Portal > Student Information System.
  • Click on Campus Finances.
  • Click on Dept Awards/Sponsorship.
  • Click on Sponsor (GA1) Form.

Multiple students may be submitted at a time; however, only one semester may be included on each submission. Do not forward copies of the student’s billing statement or any other additional documentation. This information should be retained in the department only.

If a department requires verification of the charges, the student should supply a copy of the billing statement and/or print screen of the Student Account Summary showing recent activity. Do not request prepared receipts or statements from the UCO.

Note: eBills do not update until a new statement has posted. Please refer students MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Student Accounts tile > Billing Statements for recent account activity and balance changes.

For further guidance, please refer to the GA1 Form Guide.

Submission Deadlines

UCO requests all forms be submitted prior to the Semester Billing Due Date and no later than the semester’s Census Date. If the form is not submitted on time, the student’s schedule will be cancelled for non-payment. After Census Date, the UCO will verify student enrollment and debit the appropriate amount to the specified project(s) via a Journal Voucher.

Changes Post-Submission

Departments are unable to make changes to the form once it has been submitted. If a change is required, contact Jason Walker via e-mail ( Change requests cannot be handled over the phone.

Registration Considerations

  • Students who register during a Late Registration period are required to pay their student account charges according to the Late Registration Payment Policy. Departments must complete their online notification process by the due date or the student will be subject to cancellation.
  • Students who register during the pre-pay period must pay prior to registration. Departments must provide a completed GA1 for their sponsored students before the student can be cleared to register.


For questions or additional information, contact:
Jason Walker
UCO Sponsored Billing
Tel: (919) 513-4277
Fax: (919) 515-1164

To request on-location training, contact:
Andrea Gonzalez