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Student Responsibilities

Students are required to acknowledge their financial responsibility to the University each semester before they will be allowed to enroll. A link will be available in the student's 'Tasks & Holds' tile from the Student Homepage in the MyPack Portal, as well as in the Enrollment Wizard.

After registering for courses at NC State, students receive an email from that a new statement is available online via MyPack Portal. Late registrants will receive an e-mail detailing deadlines and may not receive a billing statement.

It is the students’ responsibility, whether they receive a billing statement or not, to make full payment and clear all departmental holds by the semester due date or their schedule is subject to cancellation. All student account activity (including billing statements) can be viewed by accessing the MyPack Portal. (MyPack Portal > Student Homepage > Student Accounts tile)

Approved financial aid/scholarship information is reflected on the billing statements or on the “What I Owe” page from the Student Accounts tile in the MyPack Portal. If a student is awarded additional scholarships after the billing statement is prepared, he or she should contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to ensure their financial aid information is updated. Sponsored students must pay any charges not covered by the sponsorship before the billing due date.

If a student is currently in the process of appealing outstanding charges (residency, housing, tuition, etc) on his or her account, they must be settled or paid in full before the due date. Once the appeal process is finalized, any amount owed to the student will be refunded.

It is the student’s responsibility, not the University Cashier’s, to re-register for cancelled classes.