Advance Enrollment Deposits

To confirm their plans to attend NC State University and to reserve their space in the upcoming class, undergraduate students are required to pay a non-refundable $200 Advance Enrollment Deposit.

Pay Online

Confirm your acceptance of our admission offer and pay the non-refundable advance enrollment deposit via the NC State MyPack campus portal using your Unity ID:

  • Find your Unity ID in WolfPAW by logging into WolfPAW and viewing “Application Status.”
  • Update your Unity password from the default password at before you log in to the MyPack campus portal for the first time.
  • Once your password has been updated, login to pay the Advance Enrollment Deposit

After you have confirmed and paid the deposit, your WolfPAW account will update within 1-2 days to reflect your new status. Once you have submitted your Advance Enrollment Deposit, you will receive additional information about registration, housing and dining options.

Do not attempt to pay your AED directly on the University Cashier’s Office website or Account Summary screen. This will not confirm your acceptance.

Payment Deadlines

May 1 — guarantees enrollment for the fall semester or summer sessions
December 1 – guarantees enrollment for the spring semester

Students accepted after May 1 or December 1 should pay their deposit within 10 days of receipt of the acceptance letter.

Need help with your Unity ID or password? Contact the University Help Desk at (919) 515-HELP (4357). Please also complete the short UIA question/answer survey at, which will allow the Help Desk to confirm your identity by phone. Without this, you would need to fax a copy of an ID card to the Help Desk in order to reset your password.