Understand Your Bill

View a breakdown of the information on the front of your billing statement or review the explanations below for guidance in reading your statement.

Previous Balance – the balance you owe from a previous statement.

Payment and Refunds – payments, including financial aid payments less refunds, posted to your account during the current statement period.

Charges and Debits – charges less credits posted to your account during the current statement period.

Current Balance – the current balance on your account; equals the previous balance minus payments/refunds plus charges/credits.

Total Est. Financial Aid – your total estimated financial aid award for the upcoming semester as of the billing statement date, according to the Office of Financial Aid.

Est. Monthly Payment Plan – payment not received from TMS on billing date.

Financial Aid Applied – the total estimated financial aid that will be applied against the current balance. Please note that financial aid proceeds may only be applied against certain student account charges.

Pay This Amount – the current balance minus financial aid applied. Your schedule will not be cancelled for non-payment if you pay at least this amount.