Freshmen Self-Registration Program

Incoming first-year students at NC State University participate in the Self-Registration Program (SRP), which allows you to self-enroll in courses beginning on June 1.

All of the tools required for you to complete your registration through MyPack Portal at home are available on this website. Students may adjust their personal or academic information through this system as well as register for courses. Please see the Registration Steps below.

NOTE: On pages outside of the Self-Registration Program website, there is no menu bar or published link to get back to these screens. If you venture outside of the program’s web pages, you can return by simply typing in your browser’s address bar.

Step 1

You will need your Unity ID (provided in your initial SRP letter) and your Unity password to login to MyPack Portal.

You may have already changed your password. All new students are required to change their password before logging into the MyPack Portal for the first time. Your Unity ID and password are generated by the Information Technology Division. If you have any problems with either of these items, please contact them directly at (919) 515-HELP.

Step 2

Determine what courses are required for your program using your Semester Sequence or Degree Audit information.

Plan your schedule by searching for your required courses in the online Schedule of Courses. Make sure your courses do not overlap and that you have time for daily meals.

Colleges and departments have developed websites to assist with the enrollment process:

Exploratory Studies

Life Sciences First Year Program (Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Genetics, Microbiology, Nutrition Science, Plant Biology and Zoology; LSFY students will receive an interactive enrollment guide from the LSFY Advising Team via email in May, before enrollment opens)

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

College of Design

College of Education

College of Engineering (see “Prior to Orientation” information for registration details)

College of Sciences

College of Natural Resources

Poole College of Management

Wilson College of Textiles

If you have questions about which particular classes to register for that are not answered by your Semester SequenceDegree Audit, or the college websites, please contact your advisor.

Step 3

Log-in to MyPack Portal and register for courses through the Enrollment Wizard (12 hours minimum in order to be full-time and comply with the university Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy).

You will see courses pre-loaded into your Pack Planner, which are accessible through the Enrollment Wizard on the “Planner Courses” tab. These are the suggested courses in which to enroll for your first semester. If you have received other information from your college advisor, please confirm with them and follow their instructions for enrollment.

If you already have courses in your schedule, please DO NOT DROP them from your schedule unless advised to do so by your advisor. You may already be registered for college introductory courses,  or others if you are participating in a special group (ie. University Honors or Park Scholars). Please use your AP or SAT Level II Math scores to register for the appropriate math and science courses. If you do not have AP or SAT II scores, please take the NC State online math skills test to determine which math course to take.

The Admissions website provides you with a chart of what Math, History, English credits you will receive from your AP Tests. Please use this chart and your AP Test Scores to determine what level of math, science, or English for which you need to register. For all other placement information, please consult the New Student placement website.

Half of all incoming first-year students take ENG 101 in the fall semester and the other half take it in the spring. Students expected to enroll in ENG 101 in the fall semester will have it listed in their planner. If you do not have it in your planner when self-registering, you should enroll in an advised alternative course instead. Additional seats might open in early August, but if you are not able to enroll in ENG 101, you should anticipate enrolling in this course during the spring semester.

After you register, you can continue to make changes to your schedule throughout the summer and into the fall semester. Remember all new students are expected to attend New Student Orientation.